National Taxidermy Championships 2019

Castle Oaks House Hotel, Limerick

Following the incredible success of last year’s event, the T.A.I will hold its second national taxidermy championship. This event will take place at the beautiful Castle Oak House Hotel in Limerick, and as you’ll see their service and hospitality has yet again been incredible. Special deals are available for attendees wishing to stay at the venue itself, read on to find out more and grab your day pass!

Who can enter, and what are the costs?

There will be several different categories in which to compete under three different skill levels

Junior –
A new addition this year for any up and coming taxidermists aged 18 and below.

Hobbyists/Beginners – Open to anyone aged 19 and above

Professionals – A category for anyone whom, regardless of age, has ever made money from their art, be they part-time or full-time.

Please note that the committee has decided we will not accept rogue/gore taxidermy pieces for the national championships.

All entry forms must be received no later than Friday 20th of September 2019. The form is available online and can be found at the bottom of this page. All physical Specimen must be delivered to the Venue no later than 8pm on Friday 27th of September 2019 so they can be properly processed and placed prior to judging. Any pieces arriving after this deadline will not be accepted.

This competition is open to all members of the Taxidermy Association of Ireland. To enter a day pass must be purchased at the price of €55 Euro which will give full access to the seminars and demonstrations. This pass also includes a total of five championship entries which can be spread across any of the categories of which the entrant is eligible.

Non members are also welcome to purchase a day pass at the same price of €55 Euro but they will not eligible to compete in the competition. For those who are just curious and wish to view the pieces submitted entries there will be an opportunity for the general public on the Saturday but details of this will be announced closer to the time.

Purchase your 55 weekend pass now!

This pass is valid for attendance and entry to the event only. Food, drink and accommodation are not included in the price.


The Castle Oak House Hotel have graciously offered a special deal to all of our attendees. T.A.I event goers can benefit from an amazing discount if they wish to stay at this beautiful Georgian Manor House.

The special offers are as follows;

€110 per night for two people sharing a double room
€85 per night for a single room

These bookings are direct with Castle Oaks Hotel, to book please contact them directly and quote the Taxidermy Association of Ireland’s Conference. Castleoaks House Hotel, Castleconnell, Co. Limerick   –   T: +353 61 377666   –   E:

The Event Itself

Friday will be the day for setup and arrival. Entries will be accepted up until 8pm, but the real action starts the following day. On Saturday, our professional and Internationally accredited independent judges will set to work judging the pieces on display.

Attendees will be invited to follow seminars and demonstrations by fellow taxidermists on a variety of subjects.

Taxidermy supplies will be available to purchase throughout the day to enable members to stock up on the essentials ranging from tanning solutions to artificial forms, eyes and so much more.

This year we will host seminars and demonstrations by taxidermists from all over the globe. Professionals in their fields all of whom specialize in different areas from speakers we have hosted before. We hope to build on our success from the previous championships to bring our attendees a veritable wealth of knowledge and tips from multiple disciplines.

We are delighted to welcome a total of four incredibly talented guest speakers to the T.A.I. who will help us expand on last years avian focus by sharing their combined expertise of mammals and habitat reconstruction.


Martin Berndt

Martin Berndt

There are few who have experienced large mammals in the wild as Martin Berndt has. His extensive first-hand knowledge enables him to know what a perfect taxidermy specimen should look like. As an accomplished craftsman Mr. Berndt is capable of creating unique works of art. This is where field experience combined with technical mastery makes all the difference.

His achievements in international competitions are proof. He won first place at the World Taxidermy Championships 2012. At the European Championships 2010, in each of the eight categories he entered, Martin Berndt placed among the top three.

Emilie Woodford

Emilie Woodford

Emilie started taxidermy as a hobby while working as a qualified veterinary nurse in 2014. A couple of years later, due to a chronic illness, she was forced to take an extended break and soon came to the realization that she would have to choose between her health or the veterinary nursing work which she loved. It was then that she decided to turn her hobby into a small part time business. This has enabled her to work from home and continue to learn the art of taxidermy at a much more preferable pace.

Emilie has been lucky enough to work alongside world renowned Carl Church and is very grateful for his continued support and wisdom when it comes to taxidermy.

Birds are Emilie’s area of interest and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge at this year’s conference, where she will be talking about habitat construction and small passerine taxidermy. 

And last but not least we are delighted to welcome a two of Ireland’s own; Peter Gregory and Dave Hogan.

Peter Gregory

Peter Gregory

Mr. Gregory has been practising taxidermy for the last 35 years. His trade was handed down to him by his father, as successful taxidermist with a booming trade. With his father big into bird watching Mr. Gregory would often come along as a child to Bull Island and Saltees off Wexford. Needless to say, that passion for wildlife which he grew up with never left him.

Dave Hogan

Alongside Mr. Gregory will be Dave Hogan. Mr. Hogan is a full-time taxidermist from the beautiful county Kerry. He first came across taxidermy at a very young age and has been fascinated ever since. He mainly works on mammals; from the smallest right up to the larger specimen. Mr. Hogan has been practising taxidermy for well over 30 years now and is a firm believer in the fact that you never stop learning

These gentlemen have been involved in taxidermy for most of their lives and will be demonstrating a mammal shoulder mount on the day. They will of course, just like our other guest speakers, be available to answer any questions you may have!


Judges Rick Way (left) and Wesley Kevenaar (right).
Photo©Tim Schippers –

Returning to our championships event this year is our esteemed International and award-winning judge Rick Way from the Netherlands.

Mr. Way, whom has been practicing taxidermy for 27 years now, started when he was just 11 years old along with his good friend Peter Spannenburg. For the last 6 years Mr. Way has worked as a full time taxidermist at De Museumwinkel and also at home for his own clients and collection.

This year Mr. Way will be joined by colleague Wesley Kevenaar, a mammal specialist. Mr. Kevenaar has also won many awards and was recently given placement at the world renowned Bouten&Zoon VOF. Together this dynamic judging duo will focus on given everyone the tips and tricks needed to learn the most from their competition experience and further improve their skills and standards.

This year all pieces will be judged using the international points standard.

A detailed program of the events on Saturday and Sunday will be released closer to the time, so please keep an eye out for it on our Facebook page.

Click here to download entry form

Please note that the deadline for the submission forms is the 20th of September. Entries that are received after this date will not be accepted. Entries must be created by the person submitting and the use of commercial forms in either category will only be permitted if the creator alters the forms to make them ‘their own’.

Entries CANNOT have been shown previously at any other events nor have photographs of the work posted online or elsewhere until AFTER the championships. Violations of these terms will result in the removal of the pieces from the competition.