Before me,   Kathleen Doran  B.O.L   have personally appeared, after being identified in terms of law by virtue of the documents mentioned hereunder:
Licensed and registered taxidermists,

Michael Dunne, chairman, taxidermist, and residing at Lucan, County Dublin.

Donal Mulcahy, secretary (Ireland), taxidermist, and residing in Pallaskenry, County Limerick.

David Hogan, treasurer, taxidermist, and residing in Listowel, County Kerry.

Ingrid Houwers, secretary (Northern Ireland), taxidermist, and residing in Bangor, County Down

-hereunder together referred to as “the Founders”.

Whereas the Founders wish to constitute and establish an association to promote and encourage the profession in the field of taxidermy.

Whereas the main aim of the association is the promotion of the profession in the field of taxidermy and the collection of mounted birds and animals.

Whereas any person who is interested in the promotion of the profession in the field of taxidermy and the collection of mounted birds and animals can become a member of the association.

Now, therefore by virtue of this deed the Founders are hereby setting up and establishing an association which shall be regulated by this deed.

⦁   The association shall be known as the Taxidermy Association of Ireland T.A.I).

2.    The address of the Association shall be….
or such other address as the Committee of the association may from time to time determine.

Legal Personality
3.    The Association shall be an autonomous body corporate of a non-commercial nature with a distinct legal personality and subject to the provisions of this statute, be capable of entering into such obligations and transactions as are incidental and/or conductive to its proper functions.

4.   The Association shall be a non-profit making organisation and its official language shall be English.

5.   The functions of the Association shall include:
⦁   To regulate and regularise the work in taxidermy;
⦁   To reduce the incidence of abuse in the work as a taxidermist;
⦁   To promote and increase awareness in taxidermy to the general public by informing and educating through shows and other social events related to its work;
⦁   To identify, establish and improve this service in line with European standards.

Persons interested in the profession
People who do not meet the requirements to become members but are interested in the work of the Association may be invited to the events of the T.A.I and receive professional information against payment of an annual fee fixed as established by the Committee.

The Committee
The Committee is the supreme and executive body of the Association. It consists of six members namely The Chairman, The Secretary and The Treasurer and three Committee members shall hold office for a period of two years.

The members of the Committee shall be elected every two years at an Annual General Meeting. The election is by absolute majority of votes in the first round and the majority on the subsequent rounds.

Any regularly convened Annual General Meeting (AGM) may decide on matters submitted to it with five members present. Working Groups may also be established to handle special tasks and to report directly to the Committee.

Cases not been reported in established rules may be submitted to a vote of the Committee.

There shall be an Annual General Meeting with the following agenda namely:-
⦁  Approval of the minutes of the last AGM
⦁  Approval of the annual report and accounts
⦁  Fixing the admission fee, annual contributions and other dues
⦁  The admission of new members
⦁  Elections every two years

Admission, resignation, expulsion;
To gain membership, the applicant shall present a written application to the Committee. The candidate must be recommended by two members who guarantee their qualification sufficient. The successful candidate must appear before the Committee and decisions on admission shall be taken by the Committee without the presence of the applicant/candidate.Active members shall pay an admission fee for an amount which is set by the AG. All members shall receive a membership card.

Members may resign by giving a written notice to the Committee. If this notice is not forthcoming membership is automatically extended for one year.

Members who perpetrate acts that do not meet the interests of the Association shall receive a warning and may be expelled.

Immediate expulsion by the Committee is also possible in case of a serious breach or serious disregard of the interests of the Association. Warnings may be issued by the Committee.

Finance resources shall consist of admission fees, annual contributions and other dues which shall be established at an AGM and other donations by non-members.

The financial year shall be the calendar year and the reports and accounts shall be presented annually by the Committee at the AGM.

Amendments shall be discussed by the Committee and shall be subject to the approval of the AGM. Their adoption shall require two-thirds of those present and voting.

The Association can be dissolved with the approval of two-thirds of those present and voting and an AGM. All funds shall be donated to a charitable institution.

Done, read and published, after due explanation of its contents according to the law on the Island of Ireland.