The following categories are available for the 2022 championship, divided into beginner and professional divisions.

  1. Birds, Small (Up to size of Pheasant)
  2. Birds, Large (Buzzard and upwards)
  3. Mammals, Small (up to size of Fox)
  4. Mammals, Large (Badger and larger)
  5. Shoulder Mounts, Small (up to size of Fox)
  6. Shoulder Mounts, Large (Badger and larger)
  7. Fish and Reptile
  8. Avian Challenge

All mounts entered must be of your own work, use of commercial forms is permitted but they must be altered enough to make them unique to your piece. All mounts entered must be created for the championship (i.e. not commission work or entered into any other championship), images cannot be shown prior to the championship (posting on social media) or this will result in disqualification of the piece.

Entry forms are available for download here soon. When finished, please forward to