Avian Challenge

This year we are introducing our first NEW category to our Championships.  The Avian challenge is open to all members of the TAI. We are providing two entry pathways, one for the hobbyists and one for the professionals. The chosen bird this year is a common magpie. 

The Pose:  Everyone entering must use a magpie and must position their bird in the same pose as shown in this picture. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magpie

The Base: 

The base must stand and hold the bird’s tail three inches from the bottom of the base.  The base will not be marked as part of the piece when being judged. It should be plain and include no habitat.  


The piece will be judged on pose, position, anatomical accuracy, shape, feather patterns, eye position, in fact every other element of the bird seen in the picture provided.  Follow the link above to print a photo for reference. Judging will be done by our visiting independent judges on Saturday the 1st of October and results will be announced at the Awards ceremony that evening. 


Ribbons will be awarded to the challenge winner