Accredited Members

All members of the TAI can enter our championships to receive credits. These credits are awarded when a piece meets the higher professional standards and a score of70 points or higher on the score sheet. Once a member reached 10 credit they will received ‘accredited member’ status. This can be used as a way to vouch for the quality of work of that individual.

Please note that all credits ever awarded are achieved and never lost, but only names of active members are published on our website or in  our newsletters.  When a formerly inactive member has renewed their membership their name and points will be displayed on our forums.

Another way to get an ‘accredited member’ status is if the individual has received a minimum amount of credits through another and comparable system, such as another European or UK Taxidermy group.

Current Accredited MembersLocationContact Email
Dave Hogan County Kerry

Ingrid Houwers

Dave Irwin

Every Committee stands in power for two years.  Every member of the TAI is eligible to take on a position on the committee and will be notified when the current  committee  are due to stand down, which is usually at the Championship AGM.  Below is the list of the current Committee Members , voted into power in 2021 .

Peter Gregory               Chairman

Tracey Murphy             Secretary

Paula Murphy               Treasurer

Holly McCormack         Graphic Design / Social Media

Dave Hogan                  Elected Committee Member

Sam Hogan                   Elected Committee Member